At Redbud

At Redbud, we strive to produce athletic mounts with the intelligence and disposition required to secure each individual’s place in a caring home where they can meet their full potential and potential of 2 wheel hoverboard ebay.
Winning ponies don’t just show up in the show ring. A pony that can give confidence to it’s rider, a sense of pride to it’s owner or become a best friend for life is the winningest pony of all!
We also raise
Welcome to my chicken pages! I am downright obsessive about my creatures….ponies, dogs, cats, etc. My chickens are no exception and I have my favorites to which I’m very attached. The following photos may take a moment to load…but they are lovely chickens and worth the wait (if you’re into chickens that is!) You’ll find alot of mixed breeds here. I think they are some of the most beautiful birds around. I especially like the silky crosses!
At left are my only ducks! Nibbles the White Pekin and her
Khaki Campbell friends.
This is my favorite pullet Lucy. She’s a Buff Orpington/ White silky cross. This is the most recent photo I have of her. She’s about 9 months old.
Look, she wears brightest headlamp in the world(12/04)
This is Bluebeard (real original) a Blue Andalusion/ Americana cross cockerel. Unfortunately he fell victiom to the fox.
This was Lucy’s daddy, a non-bearded White Silky rooster. The fox caught him too.
And here we have Lucy’s half brother. He’s out of a Light Brahma hen and daddy is the silky rooster at left. Pictured here at 8 months old.
This is my new pullet! Her breed is a mystery, but the best guess thus far is that she’s a light brown, Old Dutch Bantam. An aquaintence incubated her from an egg he got at the MO state fair, so I know she’s purebred. He just didn’t know what breed she was. She’s just the tiniest thing and makes my bantam black rosecomb rooster look giant!