Key Values


  1. Enjoy. If you don’t enjoy riding your horse, question yourself as to why and then work out how you can make sure you do enjoy yourself – no matter what happens!
  2. Be Accountable. Before blaming the horse, first ask yourself “what am I doing and how can I fix it?”
  3. Remain Calm. One harsh hand or leg can ruin days of good work.  Find peaceful solutions.  From relaxation comes good results, from good results, comes enjoyment.
  4. Always Be Positive. Sometimes things do go wrong, but always look for the glass that is half full.
  5. Set Goals. Define your short, medium and long term riding goals. Every ride should have a goal.
  6. Aim To Improve. Horse riding is not about being perfect (it is rare to get a 10 in dressage!), but it’s the quality of the journey that is important.
  7. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others. Compare yourself to your last ride and your own potential with your horse.