About Us

Lita not only has a wide range of experience in the equestrian field, but also in the professional workplace.  Lita has worked for international companies such as CSR, DR Johnston (in Australia) and Alusuisse, Energis and Bombardier (in Switzerland).  She has been involved with transportation, mining, telecommunications and manufacturing based organisations with her skills ranging from administration to analytical roles.  Lita has utilised these skills in relation to her equestrian involvement especially when volunteering for dressage clubs and is now focussing on her own business with her husband Ben.

Lita is often quoted as saying “it should be fun, it should be enjoyable” and she maintains this philosophy when riding or instructing.  Having organised and attended clinics recently with Emma Mason, Brett Parbery and Miguel Tavora, Lita is continually updating her skills and is able take the best aspects from both competition and classical training.

Lita works closely with her mother Coralie Smyth, who is also a well respected dressage coach & instructor.  Lita & Coralie provide a well rounded partnership to cater for all types of riders and horses.

It is important to generate an environment that is relevant to the rider – whether it is a slightly nervous adult or a 5 year old child, Lita adjusts her methods to suit.  Riding is an ongoing learning experience – some learn more quickly than others, some make great teachers and some make fantastic riders.  Lita aims to emulate the full package.



Dubendorf consists of 36 acres (14 hectares) of cleared paddocks and natural bush.  There is a small cross country training area and access to some lovely trailrides through the property.

There is a small area for flatwork, however most dressage training is done at Il Cadore Equestrian Centre, directly across the road, which provides access to an indoor arena as well as housing 4 full size outdoor arenas.