The following terms will be presented in contract form and no equine will leave the farm until the terms of the contract have been understood and met, and signed by both buyer and seller.
-A down payment equal to 10% of the total sale price may be paid in order to hold a horse for viewing and/or pickup. No guarantee of availability of an equine is made without a down payment. If Buyer resiles, the down payment is non-refundable. If for any reason Seller resiles, the down payment will be fully refunded. A down payment will hold an equine for a maximum of 14 days unless other arrangements are made in writing and attached to this agreement. After 14 days, down payment becomes the property of Seller and will not be refunded.
-Acceptable forms of payment at or before time of pickup are Cashier’s check (bank, certified), Money Order or Cash. Personal check will be accepted in advance of pickup, but is discouraged. In the case of payment by personal check, there will be a two week waiting period while check is clearing before pickup of equine can be arranged. The waiting period may be lengthened as needed for personal check clearance.
-Equines are sold as sound and healthy unless otherwise noted. Blemishes are not considered relative to health. Seller will guarantee soundness and health until time of pickup. Vet exams are the responsibility of Buyer. All guarantees by Seller are based on visual observation and  do not include a vet certificate. Seller highly recommends that buyer have the equine examined prior to purchase by a licensed veterinarian. If, prior to pickup, a licensed veterinarian finds a health or soundness issue that was not disclosed by seller, full refund of down payment will be made..
-No guarantees of breeding soundness are made unless reduced to writing and attached to this agreement.
-Mares sold in foal are guaranteed for 14 days. It is Buyer’s responsibility to proceed with a veterinary exam within 14 days of pickup to confirm pregnancy. Guaranteed pregnant mares found to be open within 14 days of pickup will be allowed a free return breeding for the following breeding season. All breeding contract guidelines will apply. Mare care becomes the responsibility of Buyer upon payment of purchase price. Guaranteed pregnant mares not examined within the 14 day period and found to be open will not be allowed a free rebreeding. Rebreeding guarantee is non-transferrable and has no cash refund value.
-Breeding certificates are issued upon notification of birth of live foal accompanied by two photos of the foal with the mare. Seller reserves the right to display and/or reproduce these photos for promotional purposes. Seller reserves the right to deny a breeding certificate on any foal if not notified of it’s live birth before such time as it is weaned. There are no additional charges for breeding certificates.
-Seller makes no guarantees that an equine will match the intended rider’s/handler’s abilities, this is for the Buyer to determine.
-Transportation of the equine is the Buyer’s responsibility. If available, Seller may agree to transport for an additional charge and that agreement will be reduced to writing and attached to the contract.
-This contract will represent the agreement between the parties and will be non-transferrable or assignable. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied, are included unless reduced to writing and attached to the contract.
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